Thanks to everyone at the California Welcome Center in San Bernardino for letting me come to the book signing on Wednesday, December 8, 2010! I appreciate the time and effort you put into it. And thanks to everyone who came to see me!

 Thanks to everyone who visited my book signing at the Chino Family Festival of Books on February 28, 2010! And thank you, again, to CM School Supply for inviting me! 

Thank you to everyone who visited me at Barnes & Noble in Riverside on Saturday, December 4, 2010! And thank you to Ms.Dillday for setting everything up!

Thanks to everyone who visited me at The 7th Annual Orange County Children's Book Festival on Sunday, October 3, 2010! Also, thanks to CM School Supply for inviting me and always being so supportive! 

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Here, you can find out what's being said about me and my book.  Read reviews and some newspaper articles (more to come, hopefully).  You can find out who's talking about what.  This is the buzz!

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Thanks to everyone who visited me at Mission La Purisima on July 21, 2012! Also thanks to everyone who came to see me on Sunday, April 15, 2012! I'd also like to thank the mission staff for having me.

Thank you to those who came to see me at Mission San Antonio for Mission Days on Saturday, April 14, 2012. Also, thanks to Mrs. Grau for having me come!

Thank you to everybody who came to see me at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on Saturday,  April 31, 2011 at USC! Also, thanks to everyone who stopped by last year on Saturday, April 24, 2010, or Sunday, April 25, 2010 at UCLA! I appreciate your support! And thank you to
CM School Supply!

Thanks to everyone who came to see me on Saturday, March 19, 2011, for the signing at Mission San Gabriel! And thank you to Mr. Lyons for having us!

I'd like to thank everyone who came by to see me at The Frugal Frigate in Redlands on Saturday, October 9, 2010! Also, thanks to the Frugal Frigate for letting me come for the signing!


We just had a visit from a family whose daughter is entering fourth grade. They are touring each mission... using Torrey's book as a guide! She attended a booksigning Torrey did and has made great use of a great book!
Franki Grau, Manager
Mission San Antonio Gift Shop

I highly recommend this book to anyone in fourth through sixth grades. It's

easy to follow and is full of true facts.

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Stevan Flores, Teacher
Mission Bell Elementary

Eric Carle’s A Very Hungry Caterpillar has been our number one selling book in my 14 years with CM School Supply. In 2010, Miss Torrey Mahall’s book, The Search for the Golden Mission, took the #1 spot! Congratulations, Torrey!

Kathy Hall, Buyer

CM School Supply

I absolutely LOVED this book and thoroughly enjoyed reading it together with my class last year and intend to do it again this year!  It is an inspiring book for fourth graders and also gives inspiration for their own personal mission projects.  This book sparked many intriguing conversations with my fourth graders and I love that an actual fourth grader wrote it.  Many of my students last year repeatedly asked the question, "Mrs. Wheeler, are you SURE a fourth grader wrote this?"  Truly, this book is an inspiration. Yes, even a child can write and publish a book.

Kelly Wheeler, Teacher

Santa Rosa Academy


My father bought one of Torrey's books and took it to one of his coworker's daughters. Because she was studying missions, she took it with her on a class trip to one of the missions, and they did the treasure hunt that Torrey talked about in her book. My understanding is that they were so thrilled by the book that when the teacher does this next year it will be a part of her required reading assignment!

Jessica Ackerson, Store Manager

The Frugal Frigate

Delightful story that not only made us want to visit all of the California missions, but also made us want to write books!
 Educational and fun.
Terri Larner, Home School Parent
Bakersfield, CA

We at Mission San Antonio de Paduas gift shop have found Torrey's book delightful to both kids and adults! Fourth graders and educators are our most frequent buyers.  Definitely an attention grabber. Glad to have it on our shelves.
Franki Grau, Manager
Mission San Antonio Gift Shop

I have to say how much fun I had reading Torrey's book. It had a refreshing innocence and playfulness, while at the same time teaching me about each mission. (Although Allison was way too hard on her brother Mark).  Taking on all 21 missions must have been exhausting but she made each one an adventure.  Structurally, I liked the "Favorites Things" section at the end of each chapter to highlight the cool stuff. The "Planning a Trip" section helps people like me who want to see more (I've only seen the missions in San Fernando and Santa Barbara).  And the Appendix is a good idea for readers who want to dig deeper into more complicated concepts (I learned what a Basilica is from her!)  Continued good luck in what promises to be a great writing career.
Joseph Dennett, Videographer

I love the book and think that it is a unique perspective.  Our customers loved it as well, as it sold out very quickly.  My favorite section is the point by point information for each Mission.  It gives the reader direction to help in discovering each individual Mission. Good job Torrey, keep up the good work.

Ana Silva, Assistant Manager
Old Mission San Juan Bautista Gift Shop

Torrey is an inquisitive learner who works hard not only at her own personal learning, but enjoys sharing her knowledge and interest with others.  Her book about the California Missions not only highlights her abilities as a young writer, but is also an engaging look at the California Missions through the creative tale of two very different twins.  I am very proud to have counted Torrey among my students.
Hayley Calhoun, Principal
Riverside Unified

I have read The Search for the Golden Mission with great enjoyment. It captured not only the wonderful history and spirit of the California Missions but accomplished it with creativity and a sense of exploration. The dialogue in the book is well-done and moves the text along in a fun and realistic way. I think all elementary students would enjoy taking this journey!
Kathy Allavie
Riverside Unified School District
School Board
Student Reviews

Clifford Thelander, 4th grader

Val Verde Elementary School


I really liked the book Torrey wrote, and I think it is pretty amazing that she did it all in the 4th grade.

Azariah Lopez, 4th grader

Val Verde Elementary School

(More reviews coming soon)

I have never seen a project like Torrey’s book for 4th grade Social Studies mission projects. I think it was very creative of her to write a whole book.


Certificate of Outstanding Citizenship and Good Citizenship Pin
Recieved from the SAR (Sons of the American Revolution)
November 14, 2009
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Young Writer's Award
Recieved from the Inland Empire Reading Council
May 19, 2011