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2/22/11    Damyan Gomez  Monrovia, CA  Mission San Diego        
3/3/11    Isaiah Jiminez  Monrovia, CA  Mission San Luis Rey 3/31/11    Michael Allen  Monrovia, CA  Mission San Carlos   5/24/11     Steven Rodger  Monrovia, CA  Mission San Luis Obispo
10/6/11    Josiah Zamora  El Monte, CA  Mission San Jose   11/14/11     Andrea Calderon  El Monte, CA  Mission Santa Barbara
2/18/14     Daphne Jaliquias  El Monte, CA  Mission San Fernando  1/12/16    Seth Zamora   El Monte, CA   Mission San Antonio

Read my in-school presentation to learn more about me, some mission and traveling highlights, and the book-publishing experience.


Torrey Mahall gave Kathy Binks Elementary a unique and once in a lifetime view of California Missions that not too many people can talk about. Her presentation was well-practiced and timely. She spoke with the grace and professionalism of an executive officer in a Fortune 500 company. Her voice and visual posters demonstrated her love of California Missions and the history that has become part of our culture. Torrey created a visual masterpiece. She brought in a poster board that tracked her journey through all 21 missions and her experiences at each one that really made the passion for missions grow inside of her. As she spoke, my students were stunned and in awe of Torrey's book, "The Search for the Golden Mission." It is a creative and joyful book that will not only tie California Missions history, it will also take you through a personal journey through each mission with two junior detectives that are hot on the trail of the Golden Mission. You won't be disappointed and you'll learn a lot about the treasures that line the coast of California. Torrey Mahall can come back to Kathy Binks Elementary anytime!
Oscar Picon, Teacher
Kathy Binks Elementary School

I would like to thank Torrey so much for coming to our school. It was an inspiration to our students to see such a young author and to hear about how she used the writing process in publishing her book.
Loraine Moore, Principal
Pearl Preparatory School

Susan B. Anthony Elementary School was lucky to have Torrey present to our 4th graders in January!  Her presentation on her experiences visiting all 21 California missions was informative, engaging, and entertaining.  Her message to the students that anyone can be an author, young or old, was very refreshing.  The students and teachers enjoyed her very much, and we look forward to having her come back to our school next year.  Thanks, Torrey!
Thomas Patane, Principal
Susan B. Anthony Elementary

The kids loved Torrey, and she did an awesome job. Torrey, keep up the great work. You are an inspiration.
Michelle LaClaire, Teacher
Victoria Groves Elementary 

I have read Torrey's book to my class for several years now during our California State Standards Social Studies Program for 4th grade! I LOVE THE BOOK but more importantly, the students always look forward to this part of the day when they take turns reading it from a special chair!
TownGate Elementary

Santa Rosa Academy was ecstatic to have Torrey Mahall come to our school to talk about her book, The Search for the Golden Mission! Her presentation was very inspiring to the students and they were intrigued with everything she said. Her love of writing was contagious to my class of Fourth Grade students. She was organized, energetic and left my students wanting to hear more! Thank you Torrey for an excellent presentation and we at Santa Rosa Academy wish you the best of luck with your future books!

Kelly Wheeler, Teacher

Santa Rosa Academy

I would like to thank Torrey so much for taking time to visit Sunnymeadows and share her book with us. Her mission adventure sounded like a lot of fun, and her presentation was very inspirational. I have two young children of my own, and I’d like to take them to visit all of the California Missions when they are about Torrey’s age. Congratulations on your book, Torrey, and keep up the good work!

Donna Preston, Teacher
Sunnymeadows Elementary

Author Torrey Mahall did a presentation at our school which was truly amazing!!! She spoke to us about the book she wrote,  The Search for the Golden Mission. Her presentation included a very professionally done Power Point which had lots of good visual aids for the audience!  It was fun to see pictures of the Missions which Torrey visited and wrote about.  Our fourth graders were studying California History and doing Mission projects themselves so they all found her presentation very informative. Torrey’s Dad helped facilitate her presentation and was very organized and easy to work with.  It was such a treat to have Torrey visit our school and inspire our students to write their own books.  She is very well spoken, comfortable on stage and a great author! It was such a treat to have her. I highly recommend you read her well written book and invite her to your school for an awesome presentation!!!! Thanks so much Torrey for coming to our school!!!!
Gail Nelson, Elementary Librarian
Loma Linda Academy

Torrey was wonderful when she came to visit Keegan Academy! She was so inspiring and motivating. I loved hearing the great question and answer session. We hope to have her come back and visit next year.
Inna Peart
The Keegan Academy

We totally enjoyed Torrey’s presentation at Carnelian. The students were mesmerized as she talked about how her book took shape and direction. Seeing a student who was close to them in age gives them the confidence to follow their dreams as well. They learned, if you strive you can succeed. Writing though hard work can be enjoyable, satisfying, and even magical as you go on a creative journey. Thanks again for a terrific presentation.
Ellen Campbell, Teacher
Carnelian Elementary School
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The fourth grade students at Roosevelt School really enjoyed Torrey’s presentation. The students in my class just finished their mission reports and many of them mentioned that they thought of her presentation as they were doing their research. Some of them even went to visit the mission they were researching. I think they felt a connection between their project and hers because they had the opportunity to meet her and hear about her mission visits. I would like to thank her for coming and sharing her experiences. She has inspired others to learn all they can and make the most of each learning experience.
Trisha Graper, Teacher
Roosevelt Elementary School
see student reviews from Ms. Graper's class
see student reviews from Mrs. Peck's class


Harrison Elementary    see student reviews


Torrey visited our school and gave a presentation to our students. During the presentation, she shared pictures of her trip and described how she wrote her book and got it published... 
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Stevan Flores, Teacher
Mission Bell Elementary

Having Torrey Mahall come and share her experiences with my 4th & 5th grade class was not only informational but an inspirational experience for my students. They were learning about the Missions of California AND how to become an author! They had tons of questions for Torrey and were so excited to meet a kid author! Some even started writing their own books. She was a joy to have at St. Philip Neri School. This was an experience I feel that my students will remember for years to come.
Sara Fitzgerald, Teacher

St. Philip Neri School

see student reviews

Torrey came to Val Verde Elementary School to present her incredible book and answer questions from my students about it. What an unusual fourth grade project she created, and what a great way to learn about California’s missions! My students were very impressed and inspired by the process she went through to write and publish her book. The dedication she showed, the consistency with which she wrote, and the final product she published were most noteworthy for one so young.
Sarah Peterson, Teacher
Val Verde Elementary School

Torrey was an excellent presenter. I loved all her materials that she shared with us – especially her poster with the map that showed her travels. 
Claire Garner, 4th grader
Val Verde Elementary School

I think it was pretty cool that Torrey actually visited every one of the missions in California. I would like to do that for my project, too.
Daniel Montano, 4th grader
Val Verde Elementary School

Torrey inspired the teachers and coaches with her ability to articulate her passion about writing. She captured the hearts of many educators and awakened the possibility that we can encourage our children to write. She reminded us that words have power.  The subject matter convinced our teachers to take a look at the missions for themselves.
Alondra Island Chavez
Riverside County Office of Education

My students thoroughly enjoyed Torrey Mahall's presentation on her trip to visit all of California's missions and the writing of her book.  Not only did the presentation bring our mission unit alive, it also encouraged my students to write and not limit themselves in their academic pursuits.  They walked away with a feeling of, "I can do anything I put my mind to.
Carrie Villalobos, Montessori Educator
Casa Montessori

I would like to thank Torrey so much for her visit on Friday. I wish the children ever listened as quietly and attentively to me as they listened to her! She was so inspiring: After her presentation, a group of children decided to write a book of their own; and my daughter, who never reads anything other than horse books voluntarily, wouldn't even come for dinner on Friday night -- all she wanted to do was continue reading Torrey's book!
I'm sure we will read her name on some best seller list soon!
Barbara Diederichs, Montessori Educator
Casa Montessori

enjoy a preview of my book

Test your mission knowledge! 107 questions, with answers all found in my book, are available now!
Also, there are 19 fun questions about the two main characters, Mark and Allison.

For educators, answers are available as a Word document if you ask me for them by e-mail.


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Thank you for letting me come and give my presentation! Each one of you was a fantastic audience!

Classical Mind University (1st-6th) - Murrieta, CA
Casa Montessori (4th-6th) - Murrieta, CA
Vejar Elementary (4th & 5th) - Walnut, CA
Castle View Elementary (4th) - Riverside, CA
Lightfoot Elementary (4th) - Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Ontario Christian School (4th & 5th) - Ontario, CA
Riverside County Office of Education
(Adult Conference) - Riverside, CA
Eastside Christian School (K-5th) - Fullerton, CA
Excellence in Education (4th-10th) - Monrovia, CA
Linfield Christian School (4th) - Temecula, CA
Val Verde Elementary (4th) - Perris, CA
Saint Philip Neri School (4th & 5th) - Lynwood, CA
Caryn Elementary (4th & 5th) - Alta Loma, CA
First Lutheran School (3rd-8th) - Monrovia, CA
Our Lady of Lourdes School (K-8th) - Montclair, CA
Mission Bell Elementary (4th-6th) - Riverside, CA
Loma Linda Academy (4th) - Loma Linda, CA
Roosevelt Elementary (3rd-5th) - Anaheim, CA
The Keegan Academy (2nd-8th) - Temecula, CA
Valencia Elementary (4th & GATE 3rd-6th) - Upland, CA
Harrison Elementary (3rd - 6th) - Pomona, CA
Carnelian Elementary (4th) - Alta Loma, CA
St. Joseph School (3rd & 4th) - Upland, CA
Santa Rosa Academy (4th & 5th) - Menifee, CA
Sunnymeadows Elementary (4th & 5th) -
Moreno Valley, CA
Valley Preparatory School (3rd & 4th) - Redlands, CA
Victoria Groves Elem. (4th-6th GATE) - Alta Loma, CA
Pearl Preparatory School (3rd-5th) - El Monte, CA
Susan B. Anthony Elementary (4th) - Corona, CA
Manuel L. Real Elementary (4th) - Perris, CA
Taft Elementary (4th) - Riverside, CA
Peralta Elementary (4th) - Riverside, CA
Todd Elementary (4th) - Corona, CA
Hillside Elementary (4th) - San Bernardino, CA
Mark Twain Elementary (4th) - Riverside, CA
Alcott Elementary (4th) - Riverside, CA
Moreno Elementary (4th) - Moreno Valley, CA
University of La Verne (undergraduate and graduate teacher candidates) - La Verne, CA
Jackson Elementary (some 3rd & all 4th) - Riverside, CA
Hermosa Elementary (4th) - Fullerton, CA
TownGate Elementary (4th) - Moreno Valley, CA
Moreno Elementary (4th) - Moreno Valley, CA
 Rivera Elementary (4th) - Riverside, CA
Kathy Binks Elementary (4th & 5th) - Fontana, CA

Thanks to
Emily Perez from
Our Lady of Lourdes School in Montclair for the beautiful drawing of Mishie!

 At certain missions, I couldn't find El Camino Real bells. Most of the missions have one near the entrance, but at some, I either missed it or that mission didn't have one. If you see a bell at Mission San Francisco, San Juan Capistrano, or Santa Cruz, tell me where it is. Maybe you can even send me a picture. Thanks!


It was truly a memorable day for us. The students loved meeting a real author. They really connected with her and learned a lot. The teachers couldn't stop talking about Torrey, her poise, articulation, and how she answered all of the questions.
Karen Montgomery, Teacher
Vejar Elementary School

Our fourth grade students thoroughly enjoyed Torrey
s presentation, not only because of the fact that they themselves were studying the California missions in history, but also because this is a group of avid writers who also would like to publish written stories that they have created. This gave them hope to proceed ahead with their own plans, no matter what their age is, and to set their goals high. Thank you, Torrey, for your diligence in forging ahead with your dream, and in the process, motivating other students to do the same!
Debbi Lyne and Ann Hart, Teachers
Linfield Christian School

Torrey visited our school last spring.  She was a very organized young lady who could thoroughly explain the process she went through to write her book.  She had examples with maps of where she had been and models of the different versions of her books throughout the publishing process.  Torrey was calm when she spoke and motivated the students to want to write their own books.  The kids walked away with, “If she can do it, then I can do it too!”
Jodie Stahl, Teacher
C.P. Lightfoot Elementary School

Torrey came to our school to give a presentation about her book, The Search for the Golden Mission, and what it's like to become an author, to my 3rd and 4th grade students.  But, when the upper grade teachers found out about her, they wanted their students to hear it also. Torrey not only talked to the children about her book, she also had a power point program and a poster showing her travels from mission to mission as she wrote her book.  The students loved it!  Their interest was held and they couldn't wait to ask Torrey more questions. After her presentation, my students wrote letters to Torrey thanking her for coming and sharing with them.  Several of them told her about what they would like to write about.  This was such an awesome way to get my students excited about writing stories/books of their own!
Terry Sue Chow, Teacher
First Lutheran School

Torrey was our author/speaker for our 1st annual Literacy Jubilee in June of 2010. Our students were very excited to hear about her experience writing a book at such a young age. Torrey arrived on time, ready to present and opened herself to a Q&A session from out students. We appreciate that Torrey took the time to visit our school!
Charlene Ortiz, Volunteer Librarian
Eastside Christian School

My GATE students thoroughly enjoyed Torrey and all of her experiences; she was truly knowledgeable, inspiring, and captivated all the students!
Monica Decker, Teacher

Caryn Elementary School

Torrey provided a great assembly. Her enthusiasm for writing was encouraging to all of my students. They were most amazed to meet a 4th grader who had published a book. Torrey Mahall is an inspiration to all young writers.
Rosann Ornelas, Teacher
Castle View Elementary School

Torrey is an inspiration to all elementary school students.  Being a published 4th grade author allowed my students to realize that anything is possible with hard work and determination.  Torrey's book is informative, interactive, humorous, and engaging.  This is a great resource for learning about the California Missions!
Tricia Lipman, Classroom Teacher
Classical Mind University

Torrey did a great job of captivating our students’ interest with her presentation of authoring her own book and visiting all the California Missions. I told her she had already accomplished two of my dreams by writing a book and visiting all the missions. She is truly an inspiration to both students and teachers alike.

Keith Lucas, Principal

Ontario Christian Elementary School